Finally, the Barney Family Sports Complex is OPEN! Come on down and look at the facility. Drop-in and play some soccer or hockey or volleyball prior to our leagues starting. We want to say thank you for your interest, excitement and most of all patience. We to are very excited to be able to serve our community. As we are now just beginning to understand our capacities, we ask for just a bit more patience as we go through the learning and growing process. For any questions please call or email us. We hope to see you soon at the Barney Family Sports Complex.

Queen Creek Parade

To let the people of Queen Creek know that we are getting closer to opening our Complex we entered the Queen Creek Parade.

Getting Closer

We all have been patiently waiting for the phone lines to come down and the telephone to be dug up. Today it has happened, and hopefully very soon we will be able to open the doors.

August 27th

Outside of the Building, Landscaping, Front Desk, Consession Counter, Pro Shop, Bleachers, tile and the floor are being worked on. The concrete is being sand blasted so that it can then be painted.

August 8th

The parking lot has been paved and painted.

A True Test

The Barney Family Reunion. If the complex can stand the test of the family it can hold up against anything. Everyone had a good time and there were no casualties.

Trial Run

To ensure the floors were prepared for the Barney Family Reunion we had to put it through some stresss tests. To make sure it would hold up.

August 1st

The power has been turned on. We have lights and the coolers are working. Everyone worked so hard to get things ready for the Barney Family Reunion!

July 28th

The Turf Depot grass and the Ice Court multi-sport floor has been installed, and other things are coming together.

July 22nd

Here are some of the floors being worked on. Thank you to everyone who helped install the sports floor on Tues. and Wed..

July 11th

Here is the latest progress.

Glass for the Rinks

The glass for the rinks is being installed. Be careful not to walk into it. There is duct tape on each panel of glass so that does not happen again.

Exterior Color

The color of the building makes it feel bigger then the gray it had been up til now. It gives it character and definition.

The Rinks

The rinks arrived from Canada on Thursday. This is the progress that has been made from then to now.

June 17th

Scafolding is up to work on the outside of the building, the front is covered, the masonry walls are almost complete and look we have sidewalks!

June 10th

Painting the inside, a look at the outside, and the roof being put on the front of the complex.

June 5th

Dry wall being out up, and the lights are working!

May 29th

Lights, air ducts, and more work on the front.